A Year of Projects: Week 8.5

Brain Ants strike again.

Last week was atypical, as in the kids had 1 normal day of school (Monday), 2 late start days, 1 early dismissal day, and no school Friday. Teacher conferences! Everything felt out of sorts and sitting down to type up anything seemed too “much”. But today, I added blog to my to-do list. And I LOVE checking off tasks on my to do list. Even if my post is disjointed, I’m doing it!

I didn’t pose them, they did this on their own!

On Friday, we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore with some friends. They have an annual membership, so our day was “free” (except: lunch, locker rental, parking). The kids had a great time and the adults also had fun. My son LOVES sharks, so getting to see sharks up close was super cool for him.

I currently have 19 squares in this “finished square” state, and 29 in various states of unfinished. I don’t think I’m going to meet my goal of finishing this by 11/1. Ah.. well I guess 12/1 now!

I DID purchase 2 more skeins of the black to make a SUBSTANTIAL border to bring the whole thing to “adult (lap/small throw) size. Unless I want to make an additional 16 squares in another color. Which I am not particularly interested in. So much for a stash busting project. I used 3 skeins of yarn on hand and have SO FAR purchased 5 additional skeins.

This project has been taking up almost all my yarn time. I love granny squares for so many reasons. However, I don’t love them for deadlines I arbitrarily impose upon myself. They go fast, but at only 6″ across, I need to make A LOT to get to size.

My embroidery!! I took this picture in a mostly dark room, at 10 pm yesterday. I have officially embroidered all of the leaf fronds. I’m excited to move onto the stems!

As an aside: Managing grief by stabbing something hundreds of times has been effective for me. Your results may vary.

I hope to be feeling collected again soon and able to concentrate on blogging and stuff again soon!


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