A Year of Projects: Week 20

I did stuff.

I’ve been pretty monogamous on my Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend sweater (my spouse named it for me), I am on the first sleeve. The torso is MOSTLY done, but I’m not sure how I want to do the bottom. Which means that is on hold. No new pictures of the sweater. Here is an old picture from when I divided off the sleeves.

From last week.

I’ve also been working on a crochet hat I started last month. I think it looks like a frosted cake, and it amuses me greatly. The decreases were started last night. I might finish it today or tomorrow. Working with a light DK/Sport on a 4.5mm/G+ hook is somewhat slow going. Not sure what is in store for this hat.

I also brought out the sewing machine and tested out some yarn wrangler ideas I’ve been toying with. Oddly enough, the 1 layer (with hems) worked out the best. I was somewhat surprised. I think I’m going to make a larger, sweater sized on to keep the abrasion down on the progress while I work the sleeves. The fabric was purchased about 2008/2009. I have 3 yards of it that WAS intended for a dress. I’m not too sure about that anymore. I do need to add buttons to the side to cinch when the cake gets unstable. I’ll write a “Shoddy Seamstress” blog post about it later this week.

It does the job!

And that’s been my half a week since I posted my last YOP update!


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    • I haven’t used socks or tights! A great way to upcycle instead of throwing them in the trash. That would have been WAY less time spent constructing!
      I had some plastic mesh “yarn bras” (they were labeled as such) that I purchased back in 2003 that I used for YEARS before they got overly brittle and they started falling apart.

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