A Year of Projects: Weeks 22/23

A weird couple weeks.

Last week, I was running late with my post. My intent was to write it Monday afternoon. Then, I got some truly AWFUL news that put me in a bad headspace for the past week. I’m still saddened, but in a somewhat better headspace today. Being confronted with your own fragile mortality through others is always difficult. This ends my vague emo monologue.

Back to my creative endeavors.

I finished my 4th Rogue Charm with sock yarn held double. I used EVERY SINGLE inch of my skein of Sweet Georgia Tough Socks in Hummingbirds (and another yard or so of a different yarn to do the final gather row!!!!). I was overly optimistic about how much I had and did a 5th pattern repeat: then didn’t have enough yarn for the pattern decreases! No worries. I did an extreme gather k2tog until 20 stitches remained. I hid my shame miscalculation with a pom-pom: The hider of hat sins. I like it. Its REALLY busy.

I finished my Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend sweater. I wore it the other day and I felt like such a BOSS. Its soft. Its warm. Its SO comfortable!! I have scheduled in time to pattern write this one! I’m so in love with the big gathered sleeves, easy shape, HIGH neck and raglan shaping.

I am currently beta testing my Right Round cowl in the wide variation. Mostly because I needed a project, mostly because I wanted to verify that my yardage calculations were correct (so far: yes). Also because stash busting is satisfying. The section color I’m using is Cascade Heritage Wave, its REALLY soft. Like too soft to make into socks because they would stretch and not hold their shape. But next to my face? Chef Kiss.

Donation Hats!

My local high school has a cold weather closet. I delivered a dozen hats, a couple of store bought stretchy gloves, and a random scarf to help stock it for the cold months ahead. I get to clear out space and make room to make more “stuff” and they get a warm hat out of the deal. Everyone wins!

I also did some sewing today, but that will be another post!


14 responses to “A Year of Projects: Weeks 22/23”

  1. Your sweater is gorgeous. The colors look wonderful on you. Love your solution to hide the yarn shortage. Pom poms are great for this purpose. All those hats plus gloves and a scarf……you are truly a generous person. Sorry to hear of your loss. May your memories bring you peace and comfort.

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