A Year of Projects: Weeks 25, 26, 27

Ooops, its been a minute.

Well, here we are at the end of February. My accidental absence ended. I spent February doing a lot of Instagram related stuff. And spending a lot more time at they gym. I also started running again- so far without pain. All that Physio-Therapy is really paying off! I’m doing a Couch-to-5K program, to ease back into running SLOWLY. I have no machinations on marathons, 3-4 miles is about where my desire ends.

I have been busy with projects too. I finished 5 projects in February, 4 of which were STARTED in February.

I’m so excited about my finishes! A friend of mine asked for a “boob” to use as a prop for her job as a lactation consultant. Its the only item made with someone else’s pattern. I finished a 3rd “Justine”; I think this means its time to actually publish the pattern/recipe. Because its so easy to customize (finished size, needle size, yarn weight), its just a loose set of instructions that I’ve used to make 3 different variations on the same theme. I have another pair of kiddo mittens to make. But I think winter is over for us. The forecast is going to be in the 50s for the next couple weeks. If I finish them in the next couple weeks, I won’t have to rush next winter.

HDC and Blobbles

They aren’t quite bobbles, and are a bit blobby. I only did a few rows of these. They EAT a TON of yardage and don’t really add much to the finished product. The yarn is garish, and so is the FO!

I had 6 balls of Bernat Blanket that I got at a liquidator store for $5 each back in December. In retrospect, all my blankets made of this yarn need a few more balls than I initially thought. The approximate finished size is 67″ x 54″ not huge, but way big enough to wrap around myself and become a dumpling (all curled up with the ends tucked in).

Another thing I’ve been doing is listening to an INSANE amount of Audiobooks. I don’t want to pause long enough to make words. I think I have a problem.

My just started crochet pullover sweater

YOP goal progression: Used 21/150 balls of yarn. These were mostly high yardage balls, so it seems like a paltry amount. This morning, I started working up a top-down, circular yoke crochet sweater. That has been on my to-do list for a LONG time. Its nothing fancy or sophisticated. Just a lot of double crochet for now. I’m going to work the whole first orange ball before I add the purple for the body. Then use the second ball for accent on the sleeves and maybe the bottom body edge.

Tomorrow will wrap up my month of awful Haikus! Once complete, I will have written bad poetry for 28 straight days. A new record! I wasn’t even this prolific in middle school with my bad poetry. My friends suggested Limericks for March. But they seem intimidating compared to the simple format of the haiku. Maybe I’ll live dangerously and give it a stab.


17 responses to “A Year of Projects: Weeks 25, 26, 27”

  1. If Telly like your bobbles, then it is a win. I have friends that have done the couch to 5k and loved it. At my age, I am lucky to walk for 20 minutes without a joint complaining lol. Your sweater is going to be so prettybwith the colors you jave chosen. Love the Justine blanket.

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    • I’m doing a LOT of general and focused strength training to be able to run without pain! My endurance is pretty low right now, so building that up is my real goal! I used to be able to walk and hike and run without thinking about the pain. Now, I need to stretch and plan!

      Thank you!


  2. I was a lactation consultant for ten years. My aunt used to knit the boobs for me! I would go visit her and she would have two dozen on her bed for me to take home! Our local La Leche Group would sell them to other Lactation Consultants and La Leche Leaders as a fund raiser. I even gave two to the local movie studio to use as props in a television drama!

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  3. I’ve enjoyed your haikus on Instagram each day and definitely would enjoy some limericks. In my head I think couch to 5k would be a good idea, but I walk with my feet turned out and have knee issues so think running is probably not wise. I’m piling weigh though so should do something. Ah well. You have had a very productive month and as always wish you well with your pattern releases.

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    • I’ve been actively rehabbing my feet for about a year, so starting to run again wasn’t an impulse idea! I used to run before having kids, and REALLY missed doing it. Part of my running issue is my form, and now I have a professional assessing my form with exercises to reinforce and fix. All for something I want to do once or twice a week!


    • I’m impatient, and pretty much ONLY crochet blankets! I’ve knit a couple blankets, and did not find the process particularly enjoyable.
      Crochet was strange to pick up as a knitter, and I really struggled for a long time until it clicked. Where as, I feel knitting was an intuitive craft.

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