Finishing Up.

I hope.

I wasn’t EXACTLY peer pressured into switching word processing software, but I’ve switched over to Google Docs from Word at the behest of multiple friends. And I won’t say its worse, but learning new programs is annoying. They are similar enough that I can do all the basic stuff, but the formatting can be somewhat frustrating. However, I think the overall look of the new patterns is better. I’ll get better at using it as I use it with practice.

My portable light box is a real gem! I love the high contrast between my work and the white background. Right now I’m just using the default white backdrop. There is a bit of a crease that I have to shoot around, so I’m considering getting fabric to use as backdrops. Easier to get out creases and I can wash it if it gets soiled. I also am really uncreative about staging my pictures. I might be a fiber artist, but I’m not a professional photographer!

Right Round is also being finished up! I have pictures (always), yarn information, and format finalization for release. Maybe I’ll get the Bellows Mitts and Right Round out at the same time! All I need to do is get down to business and finish them up!


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