I Blinked.

And now its mid-June.

Da Beeach. Last Week.

Its summer break here. And has been for a week.

We spent 2 days at the beach, where I got SUNBURN from the back of my knees to the bathing suit line (I’m at the itchy phase). I spent a lot of time in the water (my favorite!!!) and read while the kids played in the sand. They are NOT a fan of the ocean- too rough and scary. We tried telling them that if they would come IN the water, past the majority of the breaker zone, it would been much more enjoyable; they do not believe us. This week has been low key, with LOTS of playing outside with neighborhood friends, we are still getting into a groove.

I’ve been doing a LOT of design projects! And somewhat less pattern formatting and transcription. I have a feeling I’m going to finish up the pattern writing for three of these projects in close succession- FUN!! Two of the projects are giving me “second item syndrome”. AND both projects have INSANE cable charts. I mean, WHO wants to cable a cable? Apparently me, and I want you to do it too.

Please enjoy some of my knitting and random selfies from this past month.


4 responses to “I Blinked.”

  1. More patterns are coming? Yippee!! I like both your Mitty Mitts and Water the Plants. Flow Drop looks great too but I’d do as a sock pattern since I don’t use mittens or hats. Wonder what it would look like with a less variegated yarn?

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    • Now I’m excited to finish up my patterns and get them launched.
      I’m always working on new patterns! I’m re-working the mitts now- I liked the original, but I’m doing a reverse stockinette for the palm side instead of stockinette.
      I have a picture of the bulky weight (the black hat) version of Flow Drop. I know, black is hard to see, and it would definitely work up as a sock- it being ribbing and all! I used it as one of the sides to my Peablossom Special shawl.

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