Finally Finished

I have recently had the feeling of all my fiber projects being in various states of undone. Which is accurate, because at any given time I have a handful of things going. Usually I can keep plugging away and finish things up and feel fine about it. Sometimes my brain gets stressed out over all the unfinished things and wants to FINISH everything so I can move onto some new big thing.

The new big thing I really want to work on is a sweater.

Yesterday, I finished up a crochet blanket and wove in all the ends. Its HUGE, I haven’t taken measurements but I think its about 5″ wide and almost 6″ tall. When your 19 year old “nephew” asks you to make him a blanket, you OBVIOUSLY go big. Its 16 balls of Stylecraft Special Chunky (100% acrylic, 144m/157y). I have a feeling its going to cost as much to SHIP as it did to purchase the yarn!! It was started some time in August (maybe September?), but I didn’t work on it exclusively and put it down for a couple weeks.

I also actually finished up my Wet Your Plants socks!! I put them down for MONTHS because my brain forgot how to bobble (absurd), forgot to bring the teeny tiny needles for the top cuff to Floridia last week, and was generally distracted by new projects after the first sock. My charts are beautiful, and I’m working on the formatting and fine tuning for the pattern. I WANT to just include the charts, I’ll see about transcribing the charts to words. The margin for error goes up SIGNIFICANTLY there.

Saturday I finished another Flow Drop Hat, that’s not pictured. Its made of a yarn who’s band is LONG gone (is approx sport weight, has some silk content, and was purchased at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia some time around 2003/4) and a mohair laceweight that I got from a friend’s mom. I have 2.5 additional balls of the stuff (too bad I can’t really wear mohair). This brings my total for this design up to 4 completed, and 1 more that my daughter wants me to make her. We even have the yarn picked out!

This weekend, I took the kids with me to the Frederick Fiber Fest. They enjoyed the farm animal petting zoo (shown her being cleaned up and the animals loaded), having french fries for lunch, the bounce house, and ice cream before we left. HOWEVER they did NOT want me looking at stuff and I only went to two vendors! Polymorph and AT Haynes House. I walked past PassionKnits, but I was being DRAGGED out of the building by two tyranical grade schoolers

Kids at fiber festivals: Good for keeping on budget. Bad for shopping and socializing.

All typed out, it doesn’t seem like a lot of finished up projects. I hope the coming weeks brings MORE focus for me. And I’m able to wrap up a LOT of patterning loose ends and get elbow deep in sweater patterns. Which FEEL daunting. But having 3 sweater patterns written, graded, and mostly formatted, the only real hang up is me!


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