Holding Patterns

Literally and figuratively.

I’m sitting on a small pile of patterns. STILL. Sorry.

AND I’m designing NEW stuff. Because why finish something you’ve been working on for 6 months when you can start something NEW AND EXCITING. Yes.

I have a TON of fun stuff coming down the pipeline- straightforward with a twist shapes. I’m still on a cabling run. I’m practically thinking in cables when it comes to knitting. Like with most things, I am just going to ride this to its natural conclusion.

I’ve been doing life things. Celebrating my son’s 7th birthday, having the birthday party, spending time with friends, doing Girl Scout stuff, cleaning my house (so much dust my friends!!), getting a new couch (after 10 years with the old one). You know the usual life stuff that keeps you busy. But I do have some other notable things.

Last week I got fingerprinted so I can substitute teach! As soon as my I’m cleared (likely this week), I can start picking up a few days a week. I had to put in TWO applications with the district AND go to a job fair and talk directly with the support staff recruiter. Teaching has been my DREAM for the past 25 years, I’m finally at a point in life that I can afford to do it. Instead of just jumping into ANOTHER master’s degree, I’m going to “try it before I buy it” with teaching. If I love it, I need 4 classes before I can work on an Earth and Space Science Teaching Certification (I need two Ecology classes, Meteorology, and Astronomy). All four classes are available at the community college up the street, and classes are REALLY inexpensive compared to the cost of my undergraduate and graduate credit hours!
This morning I made myself an EPIC breakfast. A toasted english muffin, half an avocado, a drizzle of yum yum sauce, wilted spinach (seriously my favorite), and a medium cooked egg. Garnished with salt, pepper, sesame seeds, and korean pepper flakes (less hot than the usual stuff). And a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea- one of my favorites.

Last week I FINALLY finished the cat embroidery project I started LAST FALL. I put it down for 8 months and was able to finish up the cat within a couple of hours. Its not perfect, but from where I sit at my desk, its FINE. For my first embroidery project, you barely notice all my inconsistencies. I have a couple more thread/floss projects to do. I don’t know if this will become one of my favorite things to do. But its REALLY NICE when I get the urge to stab at something.

And now back to mundane things. Like going to the grocery store. AGAIN. This time for milk. My kids go through A LOT of dairy. Lucky for us dairy is less expensive in Maryland than many other places! I can still get a gallon of whole milk for less than $3 at the grocery store.



2 responses to “Holding Patterns”

  1. How exciting! I hope you love teaching. My son is currently student teaching and will graduate in May. He will be a grades 5-9 math/science teacher. He is very happy with his decision to be a teacher but we will see next year when he will be doing it fulltime and dealing with administrators and parents. Kids are not the problem.

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