Good-bye 2022

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

My mood for the year.

Wellllllll. 2022 was the worst and I’m glad to see it go. The latter half was a giant struggle and the year felt like non-stop loss punctuated with disappointment. I’m looking forward to the new calendar year, and a recommitment to myself and my projects. While any day is the right day for a new start, the new calendar year always feels so fresh. Perhaps its just conditioning.

ANYWAY. The holidays were weird without my dad. But I did my very best to not cry nonstop. I spent a lot of time with my kids and spouse, and some time with my mom and brother and with my spouse’s family. I made an epic amount of cookies. Mailed over 5 dozen holiday cards. Made gifts. Did A LOT OF DISHES. Normal holiday stuff.

Seriously!!!! I cannot contain my joy.

I know that the holidays aren’t ONLY about the gifts. But to be honest: this is one of my favorites! I love when my spouse and kids give me creative machines. I’ve been wanting a Cricut for a long time. And now I have one. *insert evil laugh* I’ve dove right in on creating with it. This may be the year that I make a for real quilt because the machine can cut out all the pieces and I can just sew them. For real: cutting is my least favorite part of sewing. Here are some things I’ve made this week.

Not shown: planner dividers (not complete) and a tiny faux suede pouch/pocket. Up next week: making little logo tags for my creations. I’m almost out of the ones I’ve had specially made. I think those were made on a Glowforge, and are REALLY nice. Cricut: the gift that has kept me acquiring more creative supplies!!

I’ve also been working on knitting, crocheting, and sewing projects! I sewed zippered pouches for the kids’ teachers and bus driver. Made MORE “no waste” flannel make up remover pads from unused flannel wipes. Working on new designs (but without actually finishing the formatting and release of the “old” ones). Here’s a peek of my December projects.

I also am planning on re-engaging in YOP with week one starting January 1. I’ve missed making time in my week for all of the wonderful participants and their blogs.
Other 2023 intentions include flossing my teeth daily (which I have already started). My gum health is over all fine, but I’m tired of being told twice a year that I need to floss “more” (than a couple times a week). After over 3 decades of this, I should probably just make it a part of my daily self care routine. If I can remember to brush my teeth, put on eye cream and moisturizer twice a day, I can floss my teeth ONCE a day.

That’s all. See you again TOMORROW for YOP.

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7 responses to “Good-bye 2022”

  1. I saw on an Instagram reel someone making some pretty cool things with the left overs from their cricut machine so save those…if I ever see the reel again I’ll send it to you. 2023 will hopefully be a much better year, onwards and upwards.

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