WIP-it Wednesday! #1

It’s the first Wednesday of the new year, and I decided to introduce structure to my posting schedule!

Knit-on border!!!

Back in November I started a fingering weight scarf. Short Shawl?? Anyway, after 6 weeks I finished the body. I spent HOURS trying to find the RIGHT border. Today I found “the one”, cast-on, and am 3 repeats in. Only 35 or so more to go. I opted for a stash yarn. Ella Rae Rustic Lace (I that’s the name) is 2-ply wool silk blend. It’s very grippy and is already beautiful without blocking. The picture color is inaccurate: it’s cream not pale yellow.

We also go a new cat! We named her Stella, and she’s still getting acquainted.

Before coming home.

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