YOP 2023: 3/52

Addicted to Shenanigans!

You know what I’m bad at? Going to the Post Office. I can FORCE myself to go when I have DEADLINE specific things like Etsy Orders or holiday cards. But in general I find it REALLY difficult to just go. I don’t hate going. I just struggle to make the time to just do it. Why am I mentioning this? Because I have 3 items to mail. One since OCTOBER. The other package (of two items) for about 2 weeks. I keep saying I NEED to go. I really want to send people I care about some warm yarn-y gifts. I hope next week will be a success post about me making the time to go to the Post Office.

I finished this scarf a couple weeks back. It is a slip stitch edged garter giant squishy scarf. I measured it the other day. Its 12″ wide and 87″ long. Massive. It is one of the items destined for the post.

As part of getting in the habit of putting my work out there, I added this Scarf to my “pattern” releases. This scarf will not count toward my releases for the year, but I have been known to ride the wave of motivation to release multiple patterns in a month.

I feel like this is so simple I can’t really call it a pattern. But It will take the guess work out for SOMEONE who wants to make a gigantic bulky weight scarf that is just over 7′ long.

Here is the link to the Giant Squishy Scarf of Doom.

This week I worked on some Cricut projects that are on my YOP list! One was stickers. These were for a friend what I play D&D with. If you are not in the know, a mimic is a monster that masquerade as something different (like a chest or chair or minecart). It then ambushes an unsuspecting victim that comes too close and tries to eat it. Our adventure party had a run in a while back with some mimics that left another character wary of easy loot.
I also made myself a tray to put my candles on (mostly to delineate their space). The one I have been using was from fall, and was adorned with a pumpkin. While I like it very much, I wanted something a little more non-seasonally bound. I put it together this afternoon with free images in the Cricut design space. My spouse must have known what he was getting himself into when he got it for me at Xmas. He still remains amused.

For those of you following along in the adventures of 2 cats, they seem to be getting along! The other night, BOTH cats were on the bed and no one hissed. And they can eat food in close proximity without drama. They are consistantly using the same litter box. Which we now clean out at least TWICE a day. They even almost played together! Our new girl loves laps, scritches, and hair ties my daughter leaves all over the place.

OHHHHH and I’ve made a little headway with my knitted on border! I’m about a third of the way through. I have no idea what I’m going to call this. But it was pretty mindless for the body, and not that difficult for the border. I love it. Its so BRIGHT and HAPPY and SCREAMS HELLO from across the street.


9 responses to “YOP 2023: 3/52”

  1. I’m glad the cats seem to be getting on better, hopefully they’ll be good friends and playmates eventually. Good luck getting to the post office, can you not buy your postage online, print and send from your house or them collect? You can do that here and we are usually a bit behind the US on these things.


  2. Fortunately for me the post office is very near the YMCA that I go to a few times a week so it’s pretty easy for me to stop by during the day when it’s not busy. Here in Florida I can relate to hating to go. Snowbird traffic is here is nuts. Fortunately I can go when it’s closed and just use the kiosk for the postage. Congrats on releasing your first pattern even if it doesn’t count. 🙂 Wish my cats got along. We have to keep them separated so “devil” cat doesn’t attack the other one. She even attacks the dog. 😦

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    • I pass one of the two closest post offices nearly DAILY! I honestly have no excuse!
      My mom is walkways going on about snowbird traffic, and she IS a snowbird!!

      Both of our cats have gentle natures, one is just more playful than the other still!!

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  3. That is one huge scarf. But super squishy and warm. You did great on the stickers. Good saying on the candle tray. Your felines are cute. One of these day you will find them snuggled together.

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