YOP 2023: 4/52

This week: more of the same.

I was going to write this tomorrow, on MONDAY, but here I am on Sunday night clickity clacking away on my keyboard. Its been a weird week that has put me in a weird headspace. Last week was a “short week” here, complete with internet connectivity issues (that resulted in a ISP tech visit and a new modem/router), a sick kiddo (who was mad the internet was out), my birthday (the 42nd), a one year memorial workout for a friend who passed last January, and today THE OTHER KID is sick.

From Thursday when I was still 41. I Look the same.

Did you know there is a children’s OTC pain/fever reducer shortage going on in the states? Yeah. That’s been fun for the last month or so since I noticed we were running low on kid’s formula Tylenol. I’ve been checking every time I go to the grocery store or Target and the shelves have been EMPTY completely. Today I lucked out at CVS, because we were ABSOLUTELY out of kid’s liquid and chewables and my daughter was struggling to swallow half a regular Tylenol. Hopefully tomorrow she is fever free and less miserable and can go to school Tuesday.

I’m plugging away at the knitted border of my shallow shawl. I turned the midpoint today with some clever short-row lace. I’m patting myself on the back. Only 28.5 more repeats to go. Or 570 more rows (or 15-20 stitches). I’m loving the contrast of the natural rustic off-white yarn against the smooth day-glo of the body.

That wonkiness? It’ll block out.

I also started the second leg of a scarf I’m calling “Turnt” because of the dogleg kink in the middle. It will also have a knitted border, but this one is in DK and moving at a considerably greater speed. I don’t have any pictures of this.

The Post Office. I still haven’t gone. I decided I would much rather SEE my friend and hand off the warm woolies in person. I made plans to have lunch with her on Thursday. See better. The giant blanket is still dying to be mailed, but I need an address. That I haven’t asked for yet. Two steps forward, one step back.

I messed about with my Cricut and the infusible ink and branded blanks today. I got them all on super clearance mark-down after Christmas. Firstly, Polyester isn’t my favorite fabric. And the shirts are all polyester because the inks react with it best. I don’t really like the cut of the shirt. The hips are a bit snug, but I made it to sleep in because the style is not my jam. But grey on grey raglan is tolerable. I can’t wear white- I attract too many stains. I used my home iron to transfer the ink, which works, but not the BEST. One section of the cup didn’t get quite enough heat and pressure and left me with a weird blotch. AND I was a little bit off in my material placement on the mat, leading to a C and P being partially cut off. But to sleep in, its fine. My remaining sheets will likely be made into small projects, my 8″x8″ trial was too big for my home iron as opposed to the official Heat Press. I am NOT running out and buying one. Nope. I’m low on craft storage space! Without further ado, here is my new PJ top. I’m wearing it to bed in a few minutes.



13 responses to “YOP 2023: 4/52”

  1. A busy week. The knitted border looks beautiful. Happy belated birthday. Hope you got cake! I think I made a mistake with my kids by not celebrating my birthday as much as theirs. Now they are adults and have no idea when my birthday is.

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    • We make a small deal about my birthday! I almost made brownies, but then changed my mind to strawberry shortcake. We purchased an Angel food cake from the store, and my spouse made strawberry sauce and whipped cream. It was great!


  2. Belated birthday wishes. Sorry you’ve been dealing with poorly kids. I wonder why there’s a shortage of medicines, have people been stockpiling it for Covid? Sleeping in polyester…will you not get a bit sweaty and static cling? I’m interested to know how that works out for you. Of course I’m 50 so sweaty nights are a thing, even in cotton,but you are much younger.

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    • I haven’t looked into the reason behind shortage. Both my kids are back to normal now.
      Sleeping in the shirt was ok. It’s a knit, so it wasn’t a noticeable amount static. BUT, it’s polyester and I noticed the under arm area was a little smelly. It’s one of those night shirts to wear once before the wash! Night sweats aren’t a concern unless I sleep in microfiber sheets! Then it feels like I’ve been sleeping in a swimming pool.

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  3. They mentioned that shortage on the news last month so I’m sure it hasn’t gotten any better. My daughter in Iowa says their hospitals are full of kids with RSV, others with Covid and then there’s the flu. They’re calling it the tridemic! I hope your family feels better soon. Not a good way to spend your birthday. BTW…happy belated birthday…at my age (74) you look gorgeous! Your shirt is darling and I love the saying.
    The sweater you’re wearing is so pretty and the shawl….stunning! I hope you have a better week and are able to make some of your birthday dreams come true!

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    • Thank you!!! It was good! I went to lunch with my spouse- just the two of us- and it was great!
      The kids are back to 100%, and this week is so far “normal”. I think they were quick resolving viral infections, nothing to be too concerned about. 🙂


  4. Hope your kids are all better. The Tylenol shortage is crazy. It has been almost a year now for it. You ate doing quite well with your Cricut. Someday I will sit back down with mine and work with it.

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    • I’m just living dangerously and hoping for the best work my Cricut. What’s the worst that can happen? It goes into the trash! It’s unlikely that a fire will start.
      My kids are back to their normal selves! I’ll just need to keep an eye out for Tylenol so we don’t run out.


  5. Hope everyone is on the mend now. The children’s tylenol shortage is here as well. Even the adult tylenol is hard to get sometimes. Fortunately we are stocked up! I am amazed at what you are doing with your Cricut.

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    • Thanks!! It’s still surprising to see empty shelves.

      I’m glad you are enjoying my Cricut content! It’s a bit of a departure from my normal content, but I love to share what I create.


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