YOP 2023: 5-7/52

Its about blinking time.

It seems like those first four consecutive weekly posts were a fluke! Last weekend I had a stomach thing, I think food poisoning. So that shot last weekend. But honestly, 2023 has been pretty slow to FINISH stuff.


Today I finished the knitting of this massive scarf, including undoing all 292 cast-off stitches and REDOING it to be more elastic. Its approximately 1200 yards of fingering weight. That I started back in NOVEMBER. I have to weave in the couple ends and bathe and block it. But honestly, for all intents and purposes, I’m calling this complete. I’m so excited! It is my FIRST FINISHED OBJECT OF 2023. I still haven’t named it.

That means this beauty is going to get some dedicated time this week. The larger yarn and needles are a welcome change to the tiny needles of my most recent finish. I’ve already named this one “Turnt” for the angle I slapped into the center.

Last weekend while I was laid up, I started a new cardigan. Or at least I think the yarns want to be a cardigan. Maybe it wants to be a Henley. February 5th was my FIRST cast-on for 2023. I started a cardigan sometime in 2022 with these yarns with some VERY LARGE cables. I hated it. Ripping back and starting all over was the absolute correct choice.

On Saturday, I did a little sewing. I figured the cats needed ANOTHER cat space. I used fabrics I already had, fusible fleece, fusible craft extra-firm stabilizer (like attaching a cardboard sheet once melted on), a scrap of leftover bias tape to make a “free” project. I used a free pattern from See Kate Sew and spent most of my Saturday afternoon making it. I free-styled the construction from the pieces (I didn’t add the little front center piece. I’m shoddy at some of my sewing still because I want to finish it fast, but don’t always care about right. The cats still haven’t camped out in it. I’m a bit bummed. But hey, cats do what they want.

Hopefully next week I’ll have better FO pics! Until next time.

6 responses to “YOP 2023: 5-7/52”

  1. Love the bright colors of your maybe cardigan. Love the lace and colorful yarns of your scarf. I definitely count a project as “done” before blocking and weaving in ends. Off the needles equals done for me. What a great cat cave. Hope yours are enjoying it.


  2. Haha “Turnt.” Looking forward to seeing it blocked. The cat cave looks fabulous! Hopefully your cats will love it. My cat is contrary, so I have to pretend I don’t care about things intended for her use so she will use them.


  3. Oh my gosh, redoing the bindoff?? What a pain that must have been, but I’m sure you’re happier with it now! And your cat cave is delightful! Fun to look at even if it is empty!


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