Fall Design Ramp-Up

Sweater Kit: Some Assembly Required.

I KNOW. I know. Summer is not even officially upon us here in the northern hemisphere, and here I am thinking ahead to fall pattern releases! But hear me out, because I’m so excited about this project.

A sneak-peak at summer releases!

Much like any other industry, I’ve got to keep my pipeline FRESH. I have some older (unpublished) designs that I plan on re-imagining for release, some new smaller projects, and a few ambitious/large projects to keep me occupied. I’ve this 5-year plan that I’m working toward, that I’ve been dreaming about for at least 15-years!

Some projects can be imagined, drafted, crafted, written, tested, and released within a week. The stars align in those cases. And they are generally smaller projects. With larger projects, there is significantly more time involved. So, planning months ahead is really important.

But About This Sweater.

The Curry Goat colorway GLOWS. From the top: The Good Ice, Curry Goat, Brownie. #nofilter

Right now, I’m in the swatching phase! Yay. I know lots of people hate to swatch, but as a designer its important. Its the difference between a successful pattern and a failed pattern. The swatch is hyping me up for the sweater! The gold (Curry Goat) seems to GLOW from within! This yarn is SO sumptuous, soft but resilient. I am planning my next sweater in this yarn already!

The yarn is AT Haynes House Yarns Alien Worsted in The Good Ice, Brownie, and Curry Goat (100% Superwash Merino. 215 yards). AT Haynes House Yarns is one of my FAVORITE indie dye studios of ALL TIME. Not only do I LOVE the colorways, and the yarns, but honestly, I think Terri and Brian are such awesome people. Lets not kid ourselves, we buy/support PEOPLE we LIKE. I got the yarns at a trunk show at my LYS, the Knot House back in February. I even wrote about it HERE.

Sweater construction has more “moving parts” than say a scarf that need consideration- and MATH! My loose vision is a round yoke with BOLD chevron fair isle section and stripes. Half sleeves, standard length, contrast edging. And no, not like Charlie Brown’s sweater.

Trade Secrets!

Like everything I do, my final pattern is subject to completely deviate from the original plan and be 10x more amazing. I can’t wait to share my progress!


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