I Got (New) Skills!

I’ve been talking about the baby blankets for twins that I’m crocheting for a couple months now. I made the first, a bobbled pattern and was completely underwhelmed with the result. SO much that I haven’t woven in the ends and I was dreading making a second that coordinated. Now I have less than two weeks to deliver the goods to my friend. What does a life long procrastinator do?

The guilty face of a lifelong procrastinator. #nomakeup #nofilter

If you said learn a new crochet skill, you guessed right. Because nothing says looming deadline like changing course on the project, COMPLETELY, at the last minute.

I’ve been seeing other sing the praises of C2C (corner to corner) crochet for months now. I’ve seen some really beautiful blankets (shout out to the C2C graphgans!!). Yesterday afternoon I popped open Pinterest to look for a picture tutorial. Honestly, I’m not a video skills kind of person- finding a text/photo/chart based tutorial is not always easy. The first tutorial seemed to leave out a pivotal step, and I couldn’t figure out how to start row 2. The second tutorial was from Winding Road Crochet, and was everything I wanted! It had photos, text, charts, and video. It also has LEFT HAND specific video, my lefty pals, no excuses now!

I like this a LOT more than the first.

In 24 hours (4 hours of actual work) I completed the first 29 rows. Based on my rough calculations, I will increase until 47-50 rows before I start my decreases.

If I can finish the project by 4/10, I’ll deconstruct the original and make a C2C. I think it will use A LOT less yarn, because I won’t be making 7 (or was it 9) loops for each bobble!

SO, if you’re on the fence about learning the C2C technique- JUST DO IT. Its super easy, and yields a really modern looking finished product. I also highly suggest the tutorial from Winding Road Crochet, she makes the whole process super easy.


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