Working for the Weekend

This week starts a new chapter for us, virtual learning. Our oldest started first grade this past Monday, and it is going well. She is has been super independant and LOVING how grown she is with her very own Chromebook (on loan from the school). Every day she wakes up and asks if its time for school yet- a good sign I think. Being able to see inside her early education classroom give me an opportunity to see how much work educators do. They truly are treasures, who deserve to be paid more. A LOT more.
Our youngest starts Pre-K tomorrow. He is so excited about starting “big kid school”, we didn’t find out until a week ago if he was going to be able to go. Priority goes to kids with potential barriers to learning, and then open up if there are any spots left. I think this is an equitable way of doing things.

Working on math games.

Now that all my local school donations have been delivered, I decided I NEEDED new sewing projects. Namely more masks. Honestly, after last week, I didn’t think I would want to sew for a LONG time. But low and behold, I found myself wanting to sew up some quick projects. Between yesterday and today, I put together 25 rectangular (adult) masks and ten “ear protectors” with bulky yarn and comically large buttons. These are going to be mailed to a friend who teaches pre-school out of state. While they are all sewn, I need to wash them, iron, and bag them before heading out to the post office. Honestly, the rectangular ones take less than 10 minutes from start to finish. I listened to “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman. Its a young adult novel, it was entertaining, pretty short, and appropriate if my kids were in the room if my headphones were out.

Not bad for a couple days work.

I may just keep burning through fabric and elastic until my supply is exhausted, I’m genuinely enjoying sewing in the morning with my coffee. I may not be a good seamstress, but I’m feeling pretty confident these days. My kids PJ pants are 4 inches too short, which means its almost time to switch gears and sew some kids pants. About as easy as the masks, to be honest.

Early morning sewing date.

Lastly, a wild hair start, the emPower People (crochet) cowl. I love purple, cowls, stashbusting, and social justice. I’m using an old personal hand dye from deep stash. I don’t remember the base, its approximately sport weight. Wool/Nylon likely. It feels better worked than it does in its ball. Its really working up pretty. Per the instructions, it should take 3-5 hours to complete, something to complete in the morning while I contemplate my next sewing project? For purple being my favorite color, you would think my stash would contain significantly more purple yarn. I should remedy this.

All the PURPLE!!
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