Year Of Projects: Week 3

Arbitrary to-do crafting goals: week by week

When I first start challenges, I like to FINISH ALL THE THINGS AT ONCE!! But that is unrealistic and unsustainable. And defeats the purpose of the challenge. I’m not one to stick strictly to plans.

This week wasn’t a waste by any standard. I had quite a few bonus projects… an emPower Cowl, and 25 rectangular folded masks and a handful of chunky earsavers for a friend (since first grade!!) who teaches at a preschool. I’ve really been sewing a lot, and stashbusting my fabric, an unofficial goal of mine for YEARS. This morning I even finished a “quilt” for my daughter that I started 2.5 years ago. Now, its not taking up space in my closet, taunting me. I’m going to make some coordinating pillow cases this week. The “burrito method” has yielded good results in the past; why mess with what works?

Instead of focusing on what wasn’t part of my initial Year of Projects list, lets focus on thing I ACTUALLY accomplished from my list.

The HPW Stripes Sweater.

On Monday, I finished the sweater I started for my daughter back in the spring (of this year even). All of the yarn was leftover from Baby Surprise Jackets I made a few years back. I had partial balls in 4 colors- I used all of it! No actual pattern, just a standard top-down raglan. Three season wearability: cotton/acrylic blend. The only thing I might do is add a little button to the neck or the hem to delineate the front from the back (not that it matters).

Sunspots Blanket

I’ve only been motivated to work on this blanket in the evenings this past week. The spouse and I have been watching a couple episodes of DARK on Netflix every night after the kids go to bed. This project has been perfect, its repetitive enough that I can still keep my eyes glued to the screen. Except last night when I was sewing the last 5 blocks into a row, and sewing 3 of the 4 rows together. That took a bit of looking. In addition to the edging, which is so far going to be a couple rows of HDC (through the back loop on the next ones), I have ALL the ends to weave in. No idea who this will be for. I made it just to make it; I had an idea and just ran with it. Execution: 7/10 close, but not quite. I will not be using this version to write a pattern. Hopefully iteration two will be closer to my vision than this. The 2nd round of the blue needs tweaking to maintain the circular center- the issue is my corners turning my circle into a squircle. No fear, I’ve ideas.

The back side… and SO MANY ENDS to weave in. SOOOOO MANY.

I hope next week brings a continued finishing of items from my to-do list! I’ve also been working on the handspun ribbed cowl for 10 minutes a day, most days. But that isn’t really moving fast enough for progress pictures yet. 300 stitches is A LOT of stitches to rib.


14 responses to “Year Of Projects: Week 3”

  1. That jumper is so cute and she looks very pretty in it. I’m not sure whether on someone so small a front and back side is required, especially given the sleeve length and fit. A great way to use up left overs. Congratulations on finishing the quilt.


  2. Your daughter’s HPW sweater is so cute! And she’s an adorable model. I am amazed at how quickly you got your squares done and joined – blown away, actually. And then you turned it over so we could see all the ends. Makes me feel like so much of a slug when it comes to my crafting. 🙂 Still… you made that amazingly fast! And it’s beautiful, too.

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