Year of Projects: Week 8

No witty commentary.

Usually I do my YOP updates on Sunday. However, yesterday the weather gave me a headache and made me annoyed. Which means I’m writing this post on a Monday. Cool story, yeah?

I didn’t actually finish anything last week. I’m working on finishing the 4 Good Family Christmas Stockings and my Cute Fight sweater. Here’s where I am:

Good Family Christmas Stockings

All the stuff strewn onto the end of the dining room table

I have officially started on the body for #4. I am going to do the cuffs together. The cuffs will be white with red initials, I’m leaning toward a latvian braid cast-on. This past week I purchased the liner fabric, my original idea was solid red. But I thought this print (on sale!) would be more fun and stabilize the knit just the same.

Stocking liner fabric.

Cute Fight Sweater

I’m still on the sleeves. My last update (from Friday) is still current. I have about 4″ on the first sleeve. I didn’t bother with any silliness like using gauge to determine diameter on the body or the sleeves. The body is QUITE spacious. The sleeves are TIGHT. Whatever, that’s not going to stop me from wearing it. Since my arms fit inside the sleeves, I’ve decided they are fine. I’m not going to rip out the ENTIRE body to get back to the sleeve divide.

Here’s a throwback to last Thursday when I was binding off the body.

Will I Meet my Arbitrary Deadlines?

Not all of them. I have October 15th as my deadline for the sweater AND all 4 stockings. It is highly unlikely that I will finish them all in this time. My focus has shifted to the knitting portion of the stockings and cuffs: the projects most likely to be completed timely. Once complete I will finish up the sleeves of my sweater- sleeves always take longer than I think they will. It will be too warm for a wool sweater for some time still, so not a big deal. Hopefully I can finish up the sweater by my next YOP update.


14 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 8”

  1. Perfect fabric for the stockings. So very festive looking. Deadlines are only written in stone for newspaper editors LOL. And, why is it that sleeves take so long to do? They have less stitches than the body of the sweater and they can be done in the round. I have noticed the same thing on my sweater. If you know the answer, let me know.

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    • There is a part of me that needs these deadlines, or I would start a MILLION things and never finish anything. I have so MANY IDEAS that I want to create.
      I think sleeves are a perception over reality thing, being SOOOO CLOSE makes the process seem longer than it is. A part of me wants to grab another 4mm needle and start the second sleeve from the opposite side of the balls. Additionally, the sleeves are usually when I start getting antsy to start another project instead of just buckling down and finishing. As with most things, my own worst enemy. 😉


  2. Those sweater colors are great. I’m sure you are going to love wearing it. Uhh, I have stockings that I started 2 years ago and aren’t complete. I realized none of my kids wanted them so I don’t have a need to finish them.

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  3. The stockings are fun and the fabric is lovely. I go up half a needlesize when I knit arms as I find my tension is much tighter when doing sleeves in the round, even on jumpers where I did the body in the round. I like arbitrary deadlines, I work best if I have a deadline to hit. I look forward to seeing your finished jumper.

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