Year of Projects: Week 15


Its Monday. I know. But I wanted a serious project update on my Cardi B project. I finished the ribbing on both the sleeves today! I am in the homestretch on the project and will finish before the end of the week! If I don’t get too sidetracked, I could finish tomorrow or Wednesday! I even wove all my ends in this morning. Here’s some pictures.

Our Thanksgiving was just the 4 of us. I made, as always, a plethora of side dishes. This year I made my first Sweet Potato Pie (long time fan) and a Challah (which I haven’t made since before my daughter was born). We decorated our tree this weekend. The kids did a good job. I haven’t taken any pictures of it, but the spouse did.

My daughter and I put together an epic pom-pom wreath. I still need to get some wired ribbon before I hang it up, here’s the post.

Lastly, I’ve made a couple hats to send to a friend’s baby. A little crochet Baby Zissou hat (ala the Life Aquatic), and an Elmo topped hat! The Elmo hat is a Lion Brand Sesame Street One Hat Wonder “kit”. I made my in the round, but followed (more or less) the instructions on the ball band. The yarn is really SLIPPERY. After a wash, it is slightly less slippery. I plan on getting these in the mail this week. Not as a Christmas gift, but as a just because it’s getting cold gift.

Baby Zissou and Elmo.

Almost forgot, I delivered the stockers to my friend. She loved them.

That’s everything I worked on this week. Next week I will have a finished Cardi B to share and at least something new started!!


10 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 15”

    • I’m super fortunate to have a spouse that shares the household chores 50/50 with me! He is hands down the ONLY reason I ever get anything accomplished. No lie. Also, my kids are still young and go to bed at 7pm!


    • I’m STILL stuck on the button bands. My vision is way less clear here than it was for the rest of the cardigan. I knit the one side 3 times already and I am still not satisfied.


    • Seriously, Sweet Potato pie is BETTER than pumpkin pie!! I used my immersion blender and made it SUPER smooth!
      My daughter is asking me to make MORE pom-poms. Hopefully I can distract her with making cookies instead!

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    • We defrosted the loaf in the freezer and used half of it to make french toast casserole for dinner. SOOO good!
      I wish it was chilly enough to actually wear my cardigan indoors!


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