Baby, Take a Break.

Just testing the fit!

A number of connotations in the title, this being Friday, the 8th of January, 2021 and all. First, I need a break from the news cycle. The insurrection of the 6th is still being processed in my mind; I have a lot of feelings right now. None of them are sympathetic to the perpetrators terrorizing America with their white supremacy.

Crochet your own 60-Minute cowl!

It also is me working on a quick project in the middle of a big project; I’m taking a break this afternoon from the HPW Sweater Dress. About a year ago, I released a crochet pattern called the “60-Minute Cowl” on Ravelry (link goes to the free pattern on Ravelry). Honestly, for a moderately quick crocheter, this can be finished in under an hour. Today I completed another one, I think this is my 5th one? I now have 2 in my Rav project page.

But what precipitated this quick project? I’ve been posting my handmades on Instagram everyday in January. My Aunt half-joked she wanted to learn how to crochet so she could make one for my Grandma! My grandmother is in her mid-80s, and a scarf that doesn’t stay in place could be a real safety hazard for her. Of course, I was all, “Yeah, I can make one what color?!?!?!”. So this afternoon I whipped up a 60-Minute Cowl in Lion Brand Thick and Quick (in Fisherman) and a monsterous size Q hook. This version is slightly smaller than the one I wore the other day (worked in Malabrigo Rasta); that’s ok, my Grandma is pretty slight these days.

A very open stitch. Light weight but still warm.

I still think Malabrigo Rasta is my favorite version for a couple reasons. The colors seem to glow from within, even on the more muted palettes and the yarn is JUST the right size. However, the Lion Brand version is Machine Washable, widely available at any big box craft section or store, and using 1 skein is very budget conscious. It also makes a slightly smaller finished product, perfect for petite individuals!!

The Malabrigo Rasta version worn 01/07/2021

Now I’m going to take a break from sitting and make some chocolate chunk brownies with the leftover GIANT hershey kisses the kids got for Christmas. I want the boxes off the counter.


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