Year of Projects: Week 26

I came. I saw. I used stash yarn.

I think I’m approaching that time of year when everything starts to blend in together and one day becomes the next with no real delineation yet you still mark the passage of time in days, weeks, months. This is what Deep Winter does to me. Today is February 14th, Valentine’s Day. But that’s not a thing we ascribe to at my house. I don’t miss the opportunity to tell my friends and family I love them as often as possible. I did do some acts of service to show my love today. I deep cleaned the bathrooms upstairs and dusted the ceiling fans and some other cleaning tasks. Just before dinner I made some cookies with the kids. But I also took a bit of time to myself and applied some face masks.

Look at me, bringing sexy back.

This week I finished at least 2 hats and 2 shawls. I took the pictures for the hat pattern, I have in progress shawl pictures. Things are coming together!

I guess this is my half-year post. But in true fashion to myself- I have prepared nothing. And I have started a 2nd half list for next week, kinda. I crossed out half of the items on the sheet, so it is time for me to re-evaluate my goals and come up with some new goals. All of this week’s projects were stash yarn! So, I’m at 17/100 for calendar year 2021! We are halfway through February and I haven’t purchased yarn yet- I was able to resist temptation when I was at the yarn store picking up a bunch of metal 16″ circulars. It was time to replace some of my bamboo circulars, I got a splinter a while back. It was unpleasant.

I finished opening all of my AT Haynes House Love Lines Advent mini-skeins! I finally got my size 3/3.25mm 16″ circular needle for my “Right Round” Scarf. The circular is proving quicker already! I’ve decided to modify my striping sequence to account for two sections of most colors- except the 1st and 14th: They get one sequence of 40 rows. When I’m done, I’m going to jump into a STASH mini version. Stay tuned. There will be a post (Monday or Tuesday) where I recap my instagram feed from the last fortnight. I will talk about my Right Round Scarf Project a little more too!

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12 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 26”

  1. Have fun with your mini skeins. That will be a 2022 goal for me – some mini skein projects.

    Agree how the days all run together. I’m thankful my watch includes showing me the day of the week!! I can definitely relate to the saying “when you are retired, everyday is Saturday”.

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    • When I worked in scheduling and logistics, I could tell you any day of the week- 6 weeks in either direction! The date for Tuesday 4 weeks from now is 3/9 kind of accuracy. Its worse now that I’m not teaching currently either! Keeping track of my class schedule helped know what day it is.
      I can safely say, I always know the day of the week, just not the date. I have to consult a calendar/watch/phone to know anymore!

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  2. It sounds as though a productive week has been had! The splinter sounds painful, so metal needles will be a great investment. Well done on avoiding the temptation of yarn!

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    • I had to remember to get the “regular” tips instead of the “extra sharps”! Depending on the project, extra sharp tips are just as dangerous as aged, slightly dried out bamboo needles!


    • My splinter was partially because of HOW I knit combined with the super TIGHT gauge of two worsted weight yarns held together on size 9s. A normal project would not have yielded injury!
      Winter does not seem to be kind to my skin this year, the textures are all over the place these days!


  3. Yes day in and day out they all seem the same. All that seems to differ is the route I take for my walk and the meal I make. Otherwise – same old same old. Lovely expression of love doing some deep cleaning and I bet you felt better having done it too. I always get down looking at the mess and feel so much better when I tackle at least a bit of it. And nice job doing some self care with the face mask too.


  4. Oooh… It never occurred to me that one could get a splinter knitting with wooden needles. I read the comments above and see how you think it happened. Good discipline toward your goal of not buying yarn! A year ago (or so), I managed to not buy yarn for a year. It got easier as time went on, but once I allowed myself to buy yarn, it was like a dam broke. :^( I undid a lot of good. Ah well… if I don’t use it all before I die, the worst that will happen is someone(s) will enjoy getting some free yarn. 🙂


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