Year of Projects: Week 27

Project Monogamy makes boring posts

I’ve been working almost exclusively on the “Right Round” Project. I am currently about 55% of the way through the project and I love it more every day! The fingering weight yarn and size 3 needles are not particularly quick, but the project is really great. I’m already planning a cowl version AND a “windscreen”-cowl version (in worsted).

Quick (washed out) pic of my current progress on the Right Round scarf. AKA: Box of Joy

I’m also working on getting my Acute Shawl pattern out to Testers! I don’t have a crochet symbol add-on for my word processing, so I’m going to hand draw the chart. I want to include a chart in ADDITION to written instructions. I like when I’m able to look at a chart and visualize where my stitches should go. Even if I’m following the written instructions for the pattern. I’m sometimes working a cowl option for people who like the look of a “bandana-cowl” or who don’t have quite enough yarn (or patience) for a full-size shawl.

Oh look, its TAN.

Hopefully I’ll share my updated list next week, as I’m just past the halfway point for my YOP. A lot of my design ideas are being executed under different names! I really enjoy being able to take my ideas, turn them into a finished item, THEN share them with others.

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9 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 27”

    • I purchased a Valentine Themed Advent box from my favorite dyer, and was NOT disappointed in the amazing colors! I also love bright colors! MY closet has a lot of black and blue: the PERFECT base for loud accessories!


  1. Your Right Round is wonderful. All those lovely bright colors are working so well together. I can see why you are loving the time spent in it. You are certainly busy designing and writing patterns. That is so exciting.

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    • I have SO much creativity rattling around in my brain, I cannot work it up fast enough! I love all the colors that came in my Love Lines Advent kit. Now that they are being offered up as full skeins in all the bases, I’m having a tough time figuring out what I want to make a full size project in. I’m leaning toward the green and the yellow for a fair isle yoked project.


  2. I love your Right Round. And all those pretty yarns waiting to be knitted into it. I sometimes refer to a chart when pattern instructions challenge me. I do wish I was better at reading them, but I suppose that has everything to do with how much I apply myself to that end. ;^)


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