Year of Projects: Weeks 30/31

A Brief Belated Post

Sometime I feel I need to post only when I have groundbreaking stuff to share. I don’t. I’m going to blame the month of March for my lax blogging. No reason. I just don’t want to take responsibility for being absent.

All the CRAB STITCH edging!! Mwhahahahahahahaha.

I stash busted a C2C baby blanket for my spouse’s niece. Who is due in August. So I have made 1 baby project off my list. And used 4 balls of stash yarn. I will be putting out a pattern for this blanket. I colored in my pattern on 10sq/in graph paper, and that was TEDIOUS. I’m going to do an excel sheet, which will take less than half the time. This way I can easily include visual options for making it BIGGER! Yardage will be easy to estimate.

I’ve been trying to get this done, and honestly, I feel it took FOREVER. It took me almost 2 days to get the whole border done. The blanket is about 37×40″ finished. I used a size I/5.5mm hook, not a tiny, tedious endeavour.
I powered through with tea. I brewed up a whole pot of my favorite STASH tea: Double Bergamot Earl Grey. The tea cups were a birthday gift from my bestie/brother from another mother. I bring one of the set out when I miss him most. I’ve been missing him; after 2 years, I still have a difficult time accepting losing him.

I worked a little bit on the Kyyyyyle blanket. But I’m not in love with how its turning out, so I don’t really want to work on it. I should like it. It SHOULD look good. It is still a dissapointment. I’ve been working on a pair of striped stash socks. No pictures. Just a boring toe-up sock.

My stash balls used for 2021 is currently 28. I’m well on track to make my 100 for calendar year 2021.

I’m still working on other outstanding patterns. I don’t want to start any new design projects until I get some of my current projects published. I have quite a few in end-stage production. Hopefully the kids will start hybrid school next month and I’ll have 2 days a week to focus on my projects. I’m at my most productive and creative in the morning- when they need me the most for virtual schooling.

I hope just getting a blog out will be my push to keep up! Love ya!

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8 responses to “Year of Projects: Weeks 30/31”

  1. Love you too!! The tea cup/saucer is adorable. It is wonderful to pull this out when you want to have tea with a friend who is no longer with you. 😦 What a tender experience. I am sorry for your loss.

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  2. You juggle a lot and so don’t feel you need to post each week or have something super exciting happening, it’s the connection, the inspiration and the sense of community we are here for. The blanket looks an interesting stitch pattern I don’t recognise. Did you invent the stitch? My best bud from school died just before our 25 year school reunion and all I have from him is a brick! A house brick, I asked him once why he never had bought me a birthday or christmas present, we were walking past a house that had a loose brick in their garden wall and he picked it up and gave it to me saying Happy Everything. He was crazy fun and I still miss him. I think I always will, treasure that cup and enjoy your tea reminiscing. I can’t see a loose brick without thinking of Stephen.

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    • The blanket is just C2C crochet! But the stripe pattern was perfect to use the MOST of every skein! I wish I had invented a stitch, then I could be immortalized!

      Thank you for sharing your story. A brick is so delightfully random, what a sweet memory! It made me smile.

      I think I’ve been in my own head too much, getting frustrated that I can’t DO IT ALL RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the reminder about WHY I’m blogging and designing: to connect and be part of a community.


  3. Great to hear from you, even if a bit late. I too used to only blog when I felt I had something special to say. But I have enjoyed joining this group and writing a blog even if there’s no tidbit of learning to share. I do love reading folks blogs even if they are short without a lot of progress. Actually I prefer those since I don’t feel I failed in not producing a lot each week. What a fun cup and so very sorry for your loss. For me it’s a velvet robe my mom used to wear. Goodness, you look amazing tired and no make-up. I’m so jealous!

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    • I started a blog about random stuff a decade ago, and felt the same way: I could only post profound things. I hope with spring coming I will be able to get out of the house more and at least have nice pics from around town to share! Spring here is truly breathtaking. Between the flowering trees and the civil war era architecture, its a treat for the senses (but not my allergies).

      I am blessed with good genetics, a love of drinking water, and liberal use of a decent moisturizer and sunblock! Plus I only just turned 40.

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  4. I love the colors in that blanket. I have some yummy gold or mustard colored yarn for an upcoming blanket and I’m just resisting starting it until I finish the current one I’m supposed to be working on. I’m sorry for your loss of a dear friend. What a sweet reminder your friendship that adorable mug is.

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    • Thank you.
      This is the 3rd blanket in 3 years that I’ve made where mustard is the predominant color! I want to make all the blankets! I have one on the to-make list that will look like a hobbit door. I just need to get the colors just right!


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