New Project. What??

As I was headed to the big box craft store the other day, I lamented not having a neutral scarf/shawl/wrap. I also had recently lamented my lack of current crochet projects, my active crochet WIP effectively zero (aghast). I picked up two cakes of Lion Brand Mandala in the colorway Harpy; a black to off-white ombre. Many of the greys are muddy, and I’m ok with this. Problem solved.

I found a stitch pattern I liked, and the chart translations were in Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. I found an English version, but the line-by-line didn’t actually match the chart. I’m just going by the chart, which was easier that I initially thought.

I’m not sure which side I like better, the front or the back. So I guess its reversible?

Project Details: H/5mm hook. Lion Brand Mandala Yarn: DK, 590 yards, Acrylic. 11″ un-stretched. Will be as long as 2 balls takes me.

Harpy: a Black to Off-White ombre with muddy grey intermediate.

5 responses to “New Project. What??”

    • I forget how quick crochet is sometimes! The color transitions are way more fun on this grey gradient than I thought they were going to be! I was all, its neutral, its boring: not so!


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