A Year of Projects: Week4


Its Sunday again. Welcome. I don’t have any big finishes. Or starts. Or much of anything.

Until We Win: Fight

I’m on section 3 of 5 right now. Pictured is sections 1 and 2. Plugging along to make sure my numbers are right. They are. Updated the pattern file this morning to reflect some minor changes. This picture is recycled from last week’s update.

I started a design project (semi-YOP related) mid-week. Its crochet. I blogged about it here, I started the 2nd ball of yarn yesterday. (no new pictures)

Life stuff: On Thursday, the first Girl Scouts meeting of the year was held. Also, my first as one of the Troop Leaders!! It was exciting, I was super nervous. We got an idea of things the girls are interested in (Camping, Animals, Space, Cooking, Hiking, Making Jewelry). We filled our open troop volunteer positions! Yay! I like to think it was my stellar presentation (hahhahahahaaha). I also realized I needed an appropriately sized bag to carry my meeting items with. I spent my morning (and half of this afternoon) working on it. Its going to get a Shoddy Seamstress Adventures post early in the week. My bag is obnoxiously epic, and I’m really proud of it.

I got some new Birkenstocks. They are comfortable and make me (and my feet) happy.

And lastly, I had to take down the Zinnia beds yesterday. They had a good run, and I got my last bouquet clipped as I cut them down. I planted 6 yellow mums in their stead. I will miss all my wonderful pollinators, they have been a dream to behold. I’m sure our delivery drivers will be thrilled to not be accosted by the greenery any longer. Next year, I will plant them in a more inconspicuous spot.

Thursday. The unusable flower tunnel.


12 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week4”

    • I used 4 different fabrics and used fabric markers to make the patch.
      The girls are Brownies and Juniors. I’m one of 3 leaders, so none of us get too burnt out.
      My daughter is SO EXCITED that I’m a troop leader.


  1. Love your tote bag. What a great idea. My daughter did girl scouts from 3rd grade till she was a Junior in High school. Made some great friends and had some great adventures. They even made a trip to New York City. Shoes are super cute!!

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    • I joked with a friend that the bag is large enough to fit a REAL girl scout into! I’m excited to get all my supplies gathered and into their places.
      Our first meeting was so promising, and many of the parents want to get involved too. We are making getting the girls camping a high priority this year! I’m looking forward to adventures!

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      • I like to think of “I will try” of the GS Promise as leaving room for improvement. The Girl Scout Law has “I will do my best” to be (followed by the points).
        The two scout organizations have pretty similar laws and pledges, perhaps its a copyright issue?

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  2. Love the colors you choose for your projects. My grandson is in cub scouts and he just finished selling popcorn to make money for the troop. How wonderful of you to be a leader….it is quite a commitment. Those girls are lucky to have you as their leader. That is a great bag you sewed for all your GS things. I love your Birkies. I have 3 pairs and they are the best! So sad to say goodbye to your flowers but I bet the mums look pretty! Have a great week!

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    • I’m so fortunate that there are 3 leaders for the troop this year! I think the idea of getting kids involved in their communities and in decision making is going to be so great.
      Its been difficult to not just take my giant bag everywhere! I’m so amused by it.
      I’ll post a picture of my mums on my Sunday YOP update. I think I want to add 4 more plants so I don’t have to mulch. I hate mulching.


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