Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

My daughter needs a new hat this year. I made her the Antler Toque from Tin Can Knits a few winters ago. But kids grow A LOT between kindergarten and 2nd grade. Also, her hat went through the hot wash…. but I digress.

I started a new hat for her. I want it to be wearable for multiple winters, so I’m going to approach it as a slouchy hat with a long foldable brim. It’s actually an adult sized hat, shhhhhh.

Provisional cast-on with waste yarn!! My favorite cast-on for hats.

The long foldable brim is going to give her flexibility in fit, length and warmth. I am using “leftover” in my stash for this project. The brim is Space Cadet Astrid DK in Windswept. It used my leftover from the Morristown Mitts (RAV link; knit back in 2019).

Now here is where thing go sideways.
I modified a stitch pattern called aster. I got 1.5 repeats into the body of the hat when I saw it. Between the colors and the stitch itself, it looks like cat butts (if you squint). You may think that they look like flowers, and in another color they very well could. However, with this particular combination, all I see is a field of cat butts. So I ripped back to the ribbing. I might try again in other less fleshy colors in the future. Like blue. Or green. It has potential- just not right now. Also, my daughter told me she hates the way the peachy color looks. After giving me the go-ahead. Kids. AmIRight??

Where we are now.

I am working the body of the hat in 1-color now. Hot Pants in the La Di Da Worsted Base, from Knot House Yarns. Hot Pants does not seem to be a current colorway in this base. Girl child likes this better. I don’t think it looks like cat butts. We all win.


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