A Year of Projects: Week 11

Living in Woolies.

The cold seems to have settled in here. I don’t want to leave my warm bed in the mornings, and we turned on the heat. Our overnight temperatures have been enough to frost, and despite my best attempts to limp my tomato to a few warmer days, I might just need to admit defeat. Next year is another year to try again.

Yesterday I went to my first fiber fest in two years. I wrote about it here. The short recap: I got pretty yarn, a picture, and some poutine. It was nice.

I got my COVID booster on Wednesday. On Thursday I was just SO TIRED. My injection site only hurts now if I poke it hard, so I just avoid that. Other than that, I’m felling normal. I’m going to use my vaccination to justify not getting anything finished. Yeah…. the vaccine. NOT at ALL my own brain ants.

I have decided the black kid-silk and the alpaca mystery yarns look good together and coordinate ok with the variegated brim. I am not 3 pattern repeats into the body of the hat. I intend to work 6 pattern repeats before I start the gathered crown. I will reevaluate to see if I want a longer, more absurd hat. Because winter is dreary- and being fun weird is a reprieve from all the drabness.

This hat uses a waste-yarn tubular cast-on. Honestly, I really love it. If I’m using 1×1 rib, tubular cast-on, ALL THE WAY.

I made a little instructional video a while ago on how to do it. It is in two parts. See below.

Tubular Cast-on with waste yarn! Part one.
Part two, where scissors meet yarn.

Until next time!!


16 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 11”

  1. Thanks for the video. I will definitely watch. I LOVE the hat colors. Totally agree having something fun and bright is essential for winter. What pretty yarns you found at the festival. Hubby collected all our last cherry tomatoes this week and dried them for use in winter dishes. Dried cherry tomatoes are fantastic with shrimp.

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    • I hope next summer I get more tomatoes- I’m still considering making half of the bed flanking my walkway tomatoes! I will definitely try to dry some of them; because I love sun dried tomatoes and I love shrimp!

      I hope you enjoy the video, and it inspires you to try something new!

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  2. Thanks for the video. I love learning new ways to do things. Your treasures from the fiber fest are so pretty. Do you already have ideas for all the yarny goodness? The colors on the hat are great. Very cheery and bright to perk up a dull gray winter day.

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    • I’m pretty certain I am “allergic” to neutral color yarns!
      I have some loose ideas for a sweater (our of the DK), socks (the sock kit), and a shawl with the 2 skeins of 100%wool fingering. My winter has a LOT of projects…. I need to learn to knit faster!


  3. Glad you enjoyed the fiber festival – lovely purchases from there too! (Why didn’t I know about this one? Maybe I need to put it on the list for next fall and see my parents/visit the festival as a combo tour package.) Hope you continue to feel okay from your booster. Love those fun colors in the hat!

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    • I think the Frederick Fiber Fest just celebrated its 4th year. I don’t really know if the fest special trip worthy; City of Frederick (a mile from the Fairgrounds) is BEAUTIFUL and would round out the day.

      I’m feeling good, I did a heavy weightlifting session this morning, and I felt 100%. Just a couple days and back to being normal.


  4. Lucky you to go to a yarn festival. I love your treasures and I adore that picture! Did you get the Moderna shot? I have gotten all 3 shots of Moderna and I slept all day….had the chills and just kept sleeping! LOL! thank godness I’m retired so I can la in bed all day.
    Your hat is so awesome..I love those colors together. Thank you for the videos. I’m going to try that tubular cast on. Have a good week!

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    • I did the mix and match with my shots. I got the J&J one shot and the Pfizer as my booster. No chills, no fever, just sleepiness. I barely left the couch last Thursday. With my one shot, I had a couple hours of being “out of it”/intense brain fog that came and went suddenly.

      The tubular cast-on with waste yarn is so magical! I hope you enjoy it!


  5. Beautiful colours in that hat I can’t wait to see how that takes shape. I think I’ve given up on tomatoes and accepted it’s not sunny here enough at the right time of year for growing them. Those are really helpful videos, thank you for those.

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    • I hope tomorrow I can finish up my hat and share it! I’m so happy my videos are helpful, I get tickled with glee every time I make the tubular cast-on!
      With this year’s tomato failure (all my seedlings died in May when it got too sunny for them), I am also coming to that conclusion, my house is simply not situated for tomatoes! I think I’m going to bang my head into a wall again next year, just in case!


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