‘Twas the Day After Thanksgiving.

Feeling Cute. Look insane. Wearing a version of my flat spiral.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the states. I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner every year for the last 12 years. I’m pretty good at it. This year was not a year full of interesting new recipes. I did not scratch make any breads this year. That was weird for me. We are still doing dishes from yesterday. Because I hate to hand-wash, and the dishwasher can only hold so much. Yeah, I’m that person!!

But we did have a nice afternoon with my parents and my brother coming to feast and celebrate early X-mas. 1 down, 2 to go. Below are some bad lighting, quick pics of what I made for dinner. I also made Pillsbury crescent rolls.

BUT my favorite thing from this week? We got a new cat! His name is Telly, and his paperwork says he is 3 years old. He is sweet, playful, has good manners, and is literally the smallest cat I’ve ever had. He’s about 7 pounds, supposedly full grown. He answers to “Telly”, and we have no plans on renaming him. He has acquired a whole plethora of nick names in the last few days, making renaming him moot.

My little Telly Monster!

The kids love him. I love him. The spouse loves him. Telly is starting to get really comfortable here. He’s a good addition to the family; it feels good to have a cat back in the house. I made him a little bed out of Bernat Blanket Extra held double. He used it once? Then promptly switched to sleeping on my bed, the couch in the basement, and the chair in my living room.

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