A Year of Projects: Week 14

Low Key Crafting Week

Welcome to my usual Sunday Year of Projects post. This week was Thanksgiving here in the states, so much of my time was spent preparing, engaging, and recovering from this meal. This left little room for crafting. I know, I’m sad too.

I’m currently at 88 balls of stash yarn used for the year. 12 more to use by 12/31. Its going to come down to the wire, I think! I didn’t do any sewing this week. Besides the cat bed, no FOs.

HOWEVER!!! I’ve reached the border on the Zinnia monochrome blanket!!

Lastly, my daughter asked me to teacher her how to crochet. She worked on chaining yesterday and today. We have chains of varying length and quality all over the house now. This week we will move onto single crochet. She wants to make amigurumi, and I’m all for it! I think she will be able to construct SOMETHING over Christmas break at the end of next month.

A funny aside, I had to remind her to NOT sleep with her yarn and project in her bed. She had an epic knot that required scissors to remedy this morning. The picture is her watching a movie and crocheting with Telly covered in yarn. He does not seem interested in attacking it so far, fingers crossed.

This week I have plans for a sewing project or two. Finishing up the border on the Zinnia Blanket. Start baking COOKIES! And do up my holiday cards. The kids have their 2nd COVID shot tomorrow, they are excited. Now I am off to hang out with my daughter and crochet together.


16 responses to “A Year of Projects: Week 14”

  1. Doing any craft with black yarn is not for sissies. How wonderful that your daughter wants to learn to crochet. My daughter did too. She could do a chain miles long but never could figure out how to turn it and crochet back the other way to make an actual fabric. (Sigh) Oh well………..it was some good mother daughter time.

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    • I told her we could decorate the tree this year with her crochet chain, that seemed to go over well!
      In a few days, I’m going to try to set her up to make a dish cloth. That way, regardless of how it looks, any fabric is good for washing dishes.


    • Its so fun to see her work on her chains. Not having a time constraint makes teaching her less stressful too!
      I’m so excited about this blanket. I’ve crocheted a LOT of blankets, but this one might be an all-time favorite!

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  2. I love that your daughter wanted to learn to crochet! I have a lot of wonderful memories of time with my grandmother and great-aunt who co-taught me to knit when I was about your daughter’s age. Your blanket looks SO GOOD; no wonder it’s Telly approved 😀

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    • She is great at making a chain! I think she will be ready to start with single crochet this week.
      I am self taught, and wish I had the memories of working with a family member to learn. My grandmother knit and crochet, but never taught any of my aunts or granddaughters. But I DO have fond memories of teaching my friends to knit, and I treasure that.

      I have a feeling more black crochet projects will be in my future!


    • Having a cat back in the house has been super great! He also is adorable, so including him in all the pictures is natural!
      I think if the project was not mostly granny squares it would have been really tough! But working into the spaces wasn’t too bad. A friend of mine suggested a lighted hook!

      I am going to make her a project bag; so even if she does sleep with her yarn, it won’t get so messy!


    • I find that sometimes stitch patterns get lost in black; why do all the hard work if you can’t SEE it! I feel the same about BRIGHT white. Which I actually have more difficulty working with than with black.


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