Reflections on Design.

Hard at work. MVP: Interweave/Harmony Lace & Eyelets book.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been unofficially designing for almost as long as I’ve been knitting. Creatively exploring my skill boundaries has been fun for me. I get an idea or a shape or a color pattern in my head, and I do my best to try and get it out in yarn.

My current WIP/development has been a fun challenge on HOW shawls are constructed and what is a “good” shape. Triangle (symmetric and asymmetric), crescent, and rectangular are some of the most common shapes. And they are all fantastic. But what if your shawl was a V? What would that look like? How would you wear it? would there be a difference in how you wear it compared to a straight edge? How COULD you construct it? Deep or shallow V, would wearibility be different?

Seriously, I’m really excited about this project!

Peablossom Special is a V-shaped shawl knit in 3 parts, with a mitered center and two different flanking lace sections. The first lace section is going to decrease into a point. I’m leaning toward making the second section a straight lace (without decreases). Partially to maximize the yarn usage, partially because I’m the designer and I do what I want.

I actually ripped back the first lace section 4 times before I found a lace pattern that worked with the gauge! Not all those stitches were in vain, I have ideas for NEW projects at a more appropriate (i.e. tighter) gauge. Stay tuned! I’m non-stop inspired by pretty much EVERYTHING. I wish I had more time to work everything out- if only my notes/ideas formatted themselves.


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