New! New! New!

Pattern Releases!

Peablossom Special

I released two patterns this week! Actually, I spent most of Thursday releasing patterns on Ravelry. And part of Friday doing the social media promotion, which is super exhausting. Seriously, social media drains me. People who can promote their businesses and projects daily: I commend you! There must be a secret.

But I digress. Peablossom Special AND the Misty Mountains Cowl are both available for free on Ravelry with codes (FiberFest and SpringThaw respectively) until May 12th, 2022 (23:59 EST). After the 12th I’ll add the patterns to Etsy, Payhip, and LoveCrafts as well.

Misty Mountains Cowl
Peablossom Special

An experiment in unique construction.

Back in the fall, I got yarn from 2 dyers local(ish) to me, AT Haynes House Yarns (who I gush about a lot) and Passion Knits Yarn. I was going to make a sweater. However, when it came to cast-on the yarn told me it wanted to be a shawl!
Ok, April was pretty chilly and damp and I just wanted a big colorful shawl to wrap myself in.

This shawl is truly an ode to dyers, and the fiber festivals that connect them with makers. I love meeting the creative minds behind the yarns. I am inspired by them; beautiful yarns make beautiful patterns easy.

Its a crazy asymmetrical v-shape knit in 3 sections. It wears like a big hug.

Did I mention there are charts? They were a LEARNING experience with the decreases and variable row counts.

Misty Mountains COwl

I think about the Hobbit, a lot.
Sometimes direct. Sometimes circuitously. Usually its because I start singing a Led Zeppelin song that alludes to Tolkien. See, circuitously.

Let me say that this pattern would not have been possible without the awesome Spring Thaw Mystery Box curated by Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber. This yarn from Cornbread and Honey made me think of mountain melt water in spring against a bright blue sky. Which got me thinking about the Misty Mountains, then the Misty Mountain Hop, THEN back to Bilbo Baggins and how his adventure would have likely been way more comfortable with a versatile cowl. There and back again.

Written, but with a lace chart too.

So far these release have done fairly well, and I’m riding that elation onto new pattern releases.

Now I have to start getting ready for my day- this afternoon brings my first time attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in almost 5 years (I live 30 minutes away)! Its rainy and gross- parking in a grassy field will be INTERESTING. I’m going to be wearing my Peablossom Special to protect me against the wet chilliness. That and a sweatshirt.


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