A Year of Projects: Weeks 15, 16, 17, 18

A whole MONTH stuffed into one post!

Oh, hi. Its me. I know its been about a month since I did my YOP update. So here is some stuff I accomplished in December of 2021.

We/I did a LOT of holiday stuff. I baked 10 different types of cookies. Ate SOOOO many cookies. Mailed 18 packages, 60 holiday cards. Used ALL OF THE holiday wrapping paper in the house. Walked in one holiday parade. Went to my gym’s holiday party with my daughter. Got a nice haircut. Toned out the brassy blonde. Watched a handful of Christmas movies. Went to Medieval Times with the family for Christmas. And took a lot of pictures of Telly, who has really settled in and is just part of the family now.

I am currently up to 95/100 balls for the year. I have a hat that is using up odds and ends that once I finish, it will bring me to my goal of 100 balls of stash used of any size. I finished the crochet part of my monochrome Zinnia blanket, and am weaving in all the ends (I have yardage totals!!). Yesterday I finished up a hat worked in the round, but TECHNICALLY knit flat. I made a random crochet hat for my local HS’s cold weather closet. Some Christmas towels for my Dad and his siblings (read about it here). Finished a baby blanket for my husband’s niece (who is due in January). And added a handful of inches to the sleeves of a sweater for me.

That wraps up my December. Not a lot of completed projects. But a LOT of making cookies. Sooo many cookies. I hope everyone had a great month, and I will be once again participating with my YOP group now that the great chaos of December has passed.


19 responses to “A Year of Projects: Weeks 15, 16, 17, 18”

  1. Congrats on a successful December. Oh those cookie baking days. When I used to make cookie bags for each of my kids teachers (they each had 7). I don’t miss having to bake some many cookies. But our Christmas party last Thursday was definitely missing treats since I didn’t bake while home in Cinci. But I do have a half batch of biscotti waiting to be baked here in Florida!! Congrats on meeting your yarn ball use. I still have lots of work to do to stop buying more yarn!!

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  2. Oh my, girlfriend! You did Christmas proud! Al l those cookies and wrapping and gifting and card writing? You should get a reward! Mrs. Claus has nothing on you! Love your makes for December….I can’t believe you did all that. Happy New Year and put your feet up….you deserve it!

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    • Thanks! My spouse DID wrap about half the gifts, we spent the afternoon doing it the week of X-mas. We always laugh at ourselves for going WAY overboard (he buys and puts aside stuff for the kids all year for birthdays and X-mas). But the cards? Those are certainly a labor, but everyone really seems to love getting them so I’ll continue to send them every year. I DID get smart for next year and got a return address stamp.


    • I’ve made about 10 spiral hats before I completely cracked the code! I’ll keep you posted about the hat.
      This week will involve MINIMUM cookie baking- my daughter got the Milk Bar Kids cookbook and will likely make a cookie recipe out of it, since we have all the ingredients.

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