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  • Get Over It.

    I had a head cold. It was AWFUL. Just kidding, in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t that bad. At first, I thought it was just allergies, but then I was more tired and irritable than usual. Tuesday I had a slightly sore throat (I had the bedroom window open and the fan blowing […]

  • A Little Finish

    I decided to work up another hat in the “experimental” fashion. This one is also a newborn size as well. My friend’s baby is due in June, so within the next month (or so), I’ll be able to try it on a human. The next iteration will be an adult sized hat in the same […]

  • Experimental Knitting

    The other day, I was thinking about interesting construction concepts for hats. And I had a somewhat unconventional idea that I wasn’t certain if it would work or not. The only way to get these ideas out of my head it to dive in and construct. What worked: the slip stitches worked great for connecting […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 37

    I can unveil my baby gifts for my bestie, her shower was yesterday. It was great to see her and share a wonderful day outside. For the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman, I made the smallest, the 134 c/o, with a large gauge (I think I had 4.75 stitches/in on a size 8/5mm). I […]

  • Too Many Tasks

    Having my kids back in school 2 days a week is a great mental break for me. I have these great machinations that I’m going to do ALL THE THINGS and be SOOOOOO productive. Spoiler: I cannot squeeze 10 hours of tasks into the 8:15-10:50 time slot. I got a quarter of my tasks accomplished […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 32

    My brain. So I have 7 patterns in various states of written. A TON that I need to make a reality. I said to myself the other day, “Self, no new patterns until we get some releases out”. What does my brain do?? IT PRACTICALLY FORCES ME TO KNIT A NEW DESIGN. The nerve!! This […]

  • Finishing A Thing

    I like to have specific projects for specific areas. Like a trail of fiber bread crumbs strewn all over the house (much to the chagrin of my spouse). Today’s FO was the socks I had upstairs that I worked on during story/bed time (10 minutes at a time). I am uncertain of when I started […]

  • At the Finish

    I finished the Right Round Scarf on Monday (March 1st), and IMMEDIATELY launched into the worsted cowl version! Which I finished up Friday. While winters are generally pretty mild at my Mid-Atlantic location, some days are beastly between the bitter cold and the biting wind. No amount of scarf coverage will block the wind, it […]

  • Year of Projects: Week 28

    Goal share time: I can say with a fair amount of certainty, I didn’t buy yarn in February of 2021. I more than made up for it in January; I had an advent box to open for the first 2 weeks of February- but the yarn was PURCHASED in January! One of 3 months of […]

  • Getting Lost

    I’m the kind of person who easily gets lost in a good book. Last summer, I discovered that the RIGHT audiobook is just as easy to get lost in as a physical book. This week I fell into Octavia Butler’s Kindred. I have been meaning to read her work since college, but would forget to […]