Year of Projects: Week 52

Wrap it up, B!

Let’s toot this horn!

Welcome! This post culminates my first year participating in YOP (Year of Projects), a Ravelry group loosely affiliated in sharing goals and accomplishments via blog for 52 consecutive weeks. The group is in its 11th year; I will participate for another year.

I’m going to call my first year goal ambitious. And completely unattainable! I Finished 21/37 for the first half and 9/36 for the second half. 30 items complete out of 55 unique line items. About a 54% completion rate. AWESOME. I know what your thinking 37+36 is 73 not 55- I had carry-over items from my first to second list. Thumbs up me.

As part of my yearly goals, spinning/designing, the Lightening Fast Hat was born. The pattern is available FREE on the blog. The original was knit with handspun, but 2 strands of worsted held double or your favorite bulky yarn is equally suitable. I was able to knit each hat in about 3 leisurely hours. The marled version I used a slightly too long circular that gave me slightly longer rows; I am always amazed when I don’t have a circular in both size and length desired. My metal size 11/8mm DPNs were suitable.
I like the idea of this hat for donations, as it works up quickly and is unisex. I played yarn chicken and lost on the roving version, the very top is a different yarn. I’m going to make a giant pom-pom to plunk on top- then it won’t be as noticeable.

I played Yarn Chicken, and lost.

This week I also have been working on my PlumBody to Love pattern. I wear my version 1.0 all the time. Version 2.0 sports a more relaxed neckline, I’m using a cotton/acrylic blend, blown tube construction yarn this time (version 1.0 is a Z-spun acrylic). A part of me is wondering if I’ll actually wear two of the same sweater, and then I remind myself that they are worked in very different colors and materials. For giggles, I have a 100% wool one on my mind too. Version 2.0 has been great for making sense out of my original notes and carrying the grade to every size. I’m so excited about this top because its super seamless and is as comfortable as sweats (seriously).

For all intents and purposes, its a drop sleeve top without the seam between the body and the arms.

I finished the body of the Hobbit Throw!! I have ends to weave in, a door knob to sew on, and I’m going to make some flowers to flank the base of the door. No rush on finishing, so I’m going to take my time to really visualize the flower placement. I am also really HAPPY that I ripped out my attempts at squaring the circle, it looked awful.

I’m really in love with the finished project!!!

I had to purchase another ball of the grey for 10 stitches. I was NOT about to rip out the round and re-do it. I’m not counting the purchase as acquiring new yarn, since after finishing the hobbit throw, it immediately crocheted a hat using most of the remainder. This is also the contrast used at the top of Lightening Fast and the remainder will become a giant pom-pom. None of the skein is going into stash… so it doesn’t count as a purchase??

My other crafting this week was just back to school masks and a pencil case. School starts this week, and masks are mandatory (I am VERY relieved the district made this choice, btw). I made the “big kid” size for both kids- just so I know they have adequately sized masks for the school year. And I don’t want them to run out of masks mid-week (or before I get laundry put away). I made my daughter a pencil case back in June (in banana fabric), this week I finally got around to making my son’s. His is my best yet. Even if the zipper color doesn’t coordinate very well.

Next week, I’ll unveil my 21/22 YOP plan and my new graphic! With the kids returning to full-day, in-person, school, I am cautiously optimistic I will have time to pattern write and format. Spoiler: My pattern backlog is a BIG part of my 21/22 YOP goals!


16 responses to “Year of Projects: Week 52”

    • Thanks! I feel like keeping a list kept me moving forward with projects, mostly because I LOVE to check off line items on a list!!
      The hobbit door has been such a fun project for me!


  1. Great hat design, and oh my that hobbit door is going to be awesome – it already it, but the flowers and doorknob will be perfect finishing touches. I will send good vibes that all goes well with the back to school adventure. Can’t wait to see what you will be up to for your next yopping year.

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  2. Loved reading about your YOP wrap-up. As unsettled and stressful as the world is right now, I’d say any progress forward is a win! Good luck with all the back-to-school things. Our school district is making masks mandatory too which I am 100% on board with!

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    • Fiber arts is 10000% a coping mechanism! Can’t be still? knit. Can’t focus? knit. Can’t deal with big issues directly? Knit (and manage them indirectly). I would be impossible to live with if I didn’t have a healthy outlet for my stress/anxiety/energy.


  3. This finish is incredibly impressive. Really is! So many projects; even if you didn’t finish everything you planned you did so much. I think my favourites are the pencil cases and that sweater pattern you’re working on. I can’t wait for the release.

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