Project Hangover

Spring, Sprang, Sprung Cowl. Waiting for a soak and some good pictures.

I recently finished up my Spring, Sprang, Sprung Cowl. I worked on it daily for a couple weeks. It was a design project, a mindless knitting project, and a stash-busting project. Now that its complete, I feel a bit lost on what to do next. Like a Project Hangover. I have a few WIPs to finish, but all of them require varying degrees of focus. I also have a backlog of design ideas to start, but I feel like I need a couple days before I dive headlong into something completely NEW.

I managed to find a stash-busting project for February. A massive crochet floor pillow/pouf out of my scrap bin. I started with THIS project, the Stash Busting Monster Pouf, from KT and the Squid. But the SC Spike with the increase rounds isn’t lining up (because I worked a row incorrectly back at the beginning). I started again, kinda, but with a SC top, which is proving to be a significantly smaller gauge. But I’m not sure this one in my vision either! I love the texture of the original Monster Pouf, but I don’t want to do all the counting and paying attention required. I’m half considering going up a couple of hook sizes and holding 3-4 strands together. I’m toying with the idea of doing some other circular texture stitch motifs that I’ve seen while perusing Granny Squares this week.

I’m toying with the idea of a crochet version of the Spring, Sprang, Sprung Cowl but the HDC miter is producing a kite shape. Ugh, I guess back to the drawing board… SC it is, I guess?

Oh, its uglier and more misshapen in person!

I could always just work on my class samples for OPEN HOUSE this month! Just 4 afghan squares (measuring 12×12 with Super Bulky yarn) and a (child-sized) sock (on size 4 needles) left!

Do you get project hangover? How do you get over it?


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