The Plod

From Sunday Afternoon

As a crafter, I go through fits and spurts of “excitement”. Mentally, the beginning and end of a project are the most compelling as the maker. The middle just plods along; particularly large projects.

Right now, I have the beginnings of two baby blankets. I started one on Saturday, and one about an hour ago. I have 3 total (crochet) baby blankets that I want finished this month. Two will be virtually identical and have a deadline of 3/21 (they are the same commission), the third I want done by 4/1 but can be as late as 5/1 (for a dear friend from college and his wife). How I’m doing anything besides working on those blankets is beyond me. Neither of the patterns will be difficult, and in true Cinna fashion- I’m designing them myself. Obviously working from a tested pattern with accurate yardage requirements when I have a deadline isn’t something I do. This apparently is my own special brand of crazy. Fortune favors the bold, amiright?
I’m certain I have ample yarn for the striped bobble ones. The modified Griddle stitch I’m still uncertain of; 4 cakes of Wool-Ease DK cake would certainly be enough. I have three. Three is going to be close; if I see another in this colorway, I’m going to snatch it up. Worst case scenario: I’ll do beginning and end colorblocks of a solid. Taking a measurement upon completion of the first cake will determine my level of panic (right now 3/10).

I’m certain I need another set of hands to meet my deadlines!

Regardless of how insane this undertaking is, I finally have the opportunity to work extensively with two of Furls Hooks I got last month! My Odyssey (the purple one) and Swirl Streamlines will get a review once I work the projects for 10-20 hours (between 3/6-9).

My pretties.

I’m still working on my socks; 2 pattern repeats until I figure out exactly how do do the heel (peasant/afterthought). I also think they are going to be somewhat looser than I usually prefer my socks. My next pair will be done in a tighter gauge- which possibly means buying new needles (YAY!!! I love new tools! I’m thinking about these). [Unaffiliated link]


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