Occupied. Ish.

fresh dye job.

It would appear that I have taken an unintentional hiatus from blogging. Whoops!! I also haven’t been engaging with social media much (posing or perusing). No real reason. I HAVE been listening to audio books verging on obsessively, for the last week…. yeah. We’ll blame that.

What have I been up to? I’ve also been doing a TON of creating while listening to audio books. I finished my Until We Win: Fight version 2.0 shawl and blocked it. Made a hat out of the remaining contrast yarn and one with a random ball (with “weird construction”) after making 5, I think I have figured out sizing and the brim options! I finished my wheat stitch big scarf. I still need to block it (??). Considering an aggressive steam block, but with it being acrylic, there’s no going back from that.

Additionally, I have been working on the sleeves (two-at-a-time!!) of a sweater I started in the spring and I am making a version 2.0 of my Zinnia blanket for pattern development. This version is going to be grey, charcoal, white/off-white/cream, and black. A bit of a departure from my usual technicolor palette.


I also FINALLY hung the pictures I purchased a few months back from Avery Ann of Pocket Sized Musings . The watercolors are beautiful. And yes, I DID knock an EXTRA HUGE hole into the wall because I thought I wanted them spaced differently than I actually did. Don’t worry. I have a plan to cover that up. With more art.
I did other boring, time consuming, but necessary, tasks around the house recently too. No pictures. Washing curtains and cleaning windows does not need photo documenting.


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