All the HATS.

Recently, I’ve made A LOT of hats. SO MANY HATS. 4 out of 5 of my most recent pattern releases have been hats. AND I have at least ONE additional hat pattern to release in the near future (the flat spiral one).

Here are some reasons I love making hats:

Great way to test out a new technique!

DPNs magic loop, in-th-round, cables, lace, increases and/or decreases, fair isle, new stitch patterns! A small canvas is the perfect place to test and practice a new skill or technique. Which brings me to:

Hats are FAST

(Near) Instant Gratification!! With the right yarn and tool (hook/needle) some hats can be completed in less than an HOUR. While most of mine take a few afternoons to construct, it is significantly less of a commitment than say a sweater or a blanket.

Great way to use orphan and partial skeins

So many of my hats are “clever” ways to use up single skeins and partial skeins. Some of my favorites have a contrast brim that I knit until I ran out of yarn- and they were perfect! Others use stripes or colorwork to use every possible inch of yarn. A worsted weight adult hat will use less than 200 yards.


I take my knitting on frequent walks. Easy hats are my go to for walking and knitting. Small in size. Easy to stash into a small project bag. Ribbing and plain stockinette stitch work best (for me at least)- mainly because they don’t require too much attention. Hats are also great car and waiting room knitting for the same reasons.

Hats are FUN!

Winter can be drab, cold, “sad”. We don’t get much snow- but still get the winter blahs. I like to brighten up my day with an absurdly bright hat. I also love GIANT pom-poms the approximate dimensions of a mid-sized pet rodent. I like to think my ridiculous hats brighten up other people’s days too. Plus winter hats SEEM to be experiencing a fashion moment.

Hats help keep you warm

Having a hat makes chilly weather more tolerable! While we lose heat uniformly (article from the Washington Post) from our bodies as an adult, covering up otherwise exposed surface areas help reduce heat loss. Thus we feel warmer. Wearing a hat might mess up your hair, but in extreme temperatures it will help prevent frostbite on your ears.

Hats make great gifts

I love giving my friends hats, and as far as I can tell: they really like receiving them! They are small, require a small amount of materials (relatively), don’t require a huge time investment, and most hats are forgiving: you don’t need to know their exact size. Plus, its made with LOVE.

Hats are great for charity giving

Many of my “extra” hats go to the cold weather closet at my neighborhood high school. Check your local school district to see if they have a cold weather closet or if they partner with local youth organizations to provide cold-weather items to kids and families in need. Regardless of how affluent your area is: there is ALWAYS some one who could use some help.


You can expect to see more hats and hat designs from me. I will never stop making hats! My kids are always growing and losing hats. Local groups are always looking for donations. I love the instant gratification feel when you are “slogging” away on a huge time consuming project. Bonus points for stash busting!

What’s your favorite small project?


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