A Year of Projects: Weeks 28, 29, 30

2022: Not the year of the blog for me.

I blink and ALL OF A SUDDEN, its the end of March. AND the first day of spring. I for one am looking forward to blooming trees, flowers, growing grass, and open windows. I am NOT excited for the pollen-ing, but I can’t expect all the wins. My allergies are waiting to wallop me with red itchy eyes, sneezing, and a stuffy/runny nose. Its going to be GREAT.

I have been working on PATTERNS all month. Seriously. I’ve been stitching and writing and formatting. Getting prepped for the pictures. Spring is a surprisingly fun time to photograph winter accessories. Which you still may need depending on your location! By afternoon its too hot, but mornings still need coats and scarves (and a hat if your hair is dirty).

I’ve made 3 pairs of mittens this month. I’ve also been chipping away at my crochet top. I finished up the body this morning, and will add some short sleeves to finish up this week.

That just rolled out of bed WIP try on look.

Definitely the kind of top that requires an undertank, unless you want the world to admire your bra. I had envisioned a more opaque structured top. The purple yarn is a bit thin by comparison, and the I-sized hook made a somewhat open, VERY STRETCHY fabric. I wanted to use stash yarn, so I just ran with it.

That’s been March for me. Up next: Cherry Blossoms!

A sign of spring from last week.

11 responses to “A Year of Projects: Weeks 28, 29, 30”

  1. I love all the colour combos on the mittens. Do you get good drape on a crocheted top? I’m such a tight crocheter I worry it would be like wearing cardboard or be totally see through…you mention needing a top underneath so it perhaps will be loose enough stitching to have some drape. I’m waffling and should just wait for a further update. Lol

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